Lottomillionär Chico zieht in beeindruckendes Penthouse am Phoenix-See – Ein Blick hinter die luxuriösen Kulissen

Chico’s Millionaire Move to Phoenix Lake: A Dream Come True

Living by Phoenix Lake has been a long-standing dream for Chico. At 43, the lottery winner is finally moving into his own home there for the first time.

In an interview with RUHR24, Chico revealed his favorite places in Dortmund, including the picturesque Phoenix Lake in the Hörde district where he enjoys eating ice cream.

After a lengthy search and numerous apartment viewings, Chico can now call a penthouse by the lake his own. Speaking to Bild-Zeitung, he expressed his joy, saying, „This is simply insane!“

Chico’s Purchase of a Penthouse at Phoenix Lake

In the immediate vicinity of Phoenix Lake, Chico used to work as a crane operator and watched „how the lake and the amazing houses were built.“ The area around the lake, once home to a steelworks, has indeed undergone drastic changes over the past 23 years.

Today, many professional footballers reside in the area, including now the lottery millionaire Chico. It is hard to imagine that the 43-year-old has never lived alone before.

From the childhood bedroom in his parents‘ apartment in Dortmund’s Nordstadt, Chico is moving directly into a luxurious penthouse at Phoenix Lake. Costing a mere 1.5 million euros for 164 square meters of living space with a rooftop terrace and guest rooms.

Chico’s Loyalty to Dortmund’s Nordstadt Despite Penthouse at Phoenix Lake

However, Chico does not plan to completely leave Nordstadt behind: „I love the area. I meet my friends there, visit my parents, and most of my properties are there,“ he told Bild-Zeitung.

The city of Dortmund is also planning a multimillion-dollar investment at Phoenix Lake to realize a long-awaited improvement for visitors. This could potentially increase the value of Chico’s new penthouse even further.


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